About IET Faraday Primary

The IET Faraday programme has been developed by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Europe’s largest professional organisation in the field. Our aim is to introduce a new generation to the sheer excitement of science, technology and engineering. 

The IET Faraday Primary website launched in August 2017 as a result of an external evaluation carried out with teachers from across the UK which brought to light the gap within the primary market provision that the Faraday (Secondary) website did not cater for. The aim of the Faraday Primary website is to widen the reach of the Faraday programme and inspire the next generation of engineers and technicians from an earlier age.

The IET Faraday Primary resources are free and all available through our website. Our materials currently include DIY Faraday Challenge Days, classroom posters and certificates to award your students for their STEM work. For our classroom resources, we have partnered with the Wellcome Trust’s ‘Explorify’ programme and the BBC’s ‘Terrific Scientific’ programme as part of a national coordinated activity.


Explorify provides free activities to primary school teachers that will spark pupils’ curiosity and develop their thinking skills. It’s easy to use and requires very little preparation.

Teachers love that it empowers children to explore their own questions and ideas, so it develops a range of skills that are transferable across many subjects, including English and maths.

It’s been developed by Wellcome, who are working closely with the IET on supporting and developing science and engineering in primary schools throughout the UK.

Terrific Scientific

Terrific Scientific is an ambitious campaign from the BBC to empower teachers to deliver great science learning and inspire primary school pupils to discover their inner scientists.

The BBC have partnered with leading universities and scientific institutions to create a series of exciting scientific investigations. These have all been designed to support topics on the key stage two curriculum and have a low barrier to entry, allowing schools all over the country to take part and contribute to real academic studies.

Each investigation topic is supported by an website full of bespoke learning resources and an interactive map displaying results submitted from across the UK. Running alongside the main campaign, Terrific Scientific DIY is a series of fun and easy experiments designed for parents and families to try out at home.

The investigations are accompanied by a series of Live Lessons and films featuring famous faces including Fleur East, BFG star Ruby Barnhill, gold medallists Elinor Barker and Jody Cundy, and a host of CBBC favourites and BBC science ambassadors. Amongst other discoveries, the first phase has seen pupils to find out more about their sense of taste, how their bodies and minds are affected by clock changes and the carbon value of trees in their school grounds.

What is IET Education?

The IET Education 5-19 team runs an education service aimed at supporting teachers of science and technology and provides a range of curriculum support, resources and information for schools. We support partnerships organisations in the provision of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) resources and experiences for both teachers and students across the UK. 

Full information about the IET's education programme for schools and colleges can be found in the Education Programme brochure.