From one resource to the entire programme – there are numerous ways to support the new IET Faraday Primary programme and help support the IET’s charitable objectives.

Everyone remembers what they first wanted to be when they grew up. That seed comes from our imaginations being captured by something or someone inspirational at a young age. It is the teachers’ mission to enthuse and encourage the young people and our teaching resources are design to assist them.

To continually grow the number of teaching resources available and offer them, free of charge, to as many schools as possible, we have to rely on the generosity of others. We are currently looking for new sponsors to help develop new content to build up the IET Faraday offering to primary schools.

Sponsorship is easy. You can sponsor the development of a new resource or an entire annual programme depending on your gift amount. This can be a one-off payment or regular contributions. We can tell you exactly what your money has been use for and how many schools/students have benefitted from your kind donation. One thing is for certain; you will be helping us to inspire future generations at the same time as building your company profile, enhancing your brand awareness and marketing to schools across the United Kingdom and beyond.

Children spend a great deal of time in the classroom; why not fill it with posters, activities and challenges to capture their imaginations into working to engineer a better world.

Find out more about sponsoring the IET Faraday programme or contact us.